However, from a شرط بندی معتبر point of view, the odds that are generally offered by bookmakers on these teams are often prohibitive and are likely to put off the small-time gambler from investing in their team’s chances. That’s why bookmakers now offer a large range of bets covering many aspects of the beautiful game. Many of which offer a far greater return on investment should your bet be a winning one!

Handicap betting is one of the most popular bets, whereby each team in the league is assigned a ‘points start’ depending on their expected finishing position. The team which the bookmakers deem to be the favourite to win the league doesn’t receive any extra starting points (known as starting from scratch) and at the end of the season, the team with the most points – both accumulated and starting points – is declared the winner. In handicap betting, each team starts at the same odds as theoretically all teams are seen to be ‘equal’ due to each teams’ points start.

Betting on the league’s top scorer is another popular bet which runs across the season. And gamblers can often choose from a variety of bets in this market, including top overall scorer and top team scorer. Handicap betting is also often available on the top overall scorer and follows the same pattern as league handicap betting. In both league and top scorer betting, it is also possible to bet on your team or player finishing within a certain number of positions.

This is known as ‘each-way’ betting and consists of two bets – one bet on your choice to win. One bet on your choice to finish within a certain number of places behind the winner – so remember to double your stake! If your selection doesn’t win, but finishes within the ‘places’ then you’re a winner. But bear in mind your odds will be reduced to reflect the increased chances of winning.

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