Aunt Baby Clothes: Are you getting ready to give birth to your first baby but you are still dancing to the music of Avril Lavigne and Pink?  Others stare at your piercings but ignore your growing belly. Your hair looks like you resided in a cotton candy machine.   Altering the traditional maternity fare to fit your punk style has not been a problem and your tattoo is your best accessory.  You have a few months to go but have yet to find the right layette for your punkling.

Grandmas seem to have it all figured out. They are knitting cute little outfits, buying little dresses, and embroidering pink and blue bed sets. The baby room is starting to look like a doll house that seems rather dull to you. Even as a little girl you were never into that nostalgic stuff. Doll houses and Ken and Barbie were never your thing. 
It is time for you to take over.  Tell grandma to put away the knitting needles and take back the pastel crib set. You have no problem with your self-expression and you will help your punkling find theirs.  You may reassure the family that piercings and tattoos are not newborn fare.  Punk daddy can help too.  Together take a stand and ban light pink and baby blue from your house. Remember everyone looks good in black!
The fact that you are into punk accessories does not mean that you lost all common sense.  Enlist the help of crafty grandmas and aunts by redirecting the shower theme to baby punk clothing.  Department store baby clothes do not usually come with skulls but if you are creative you will find a way around this.   Craft Stores have iron-ons and bleach pens.  Have scissors and thread and needles ready for all and together adjust the little princess clothes and accessories to your personal style.  Grandma can have her special pre-birth bonding time and the last four weeks of your pregnancy will be less stressful now that everybody understands how you want to dress your baby.

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