CFNM meaning: Living in Australia I find there is a lovely mixture of east and west available. If you look at Australia geographically it is very close to Asia and the east.


In Australia we have a fascinating mixture of attitudes towards the human body. There is the locker room in the world of sport where there seems to be no modesty of any kind. But we have recently had an incident where the appearance of naked sport personalities on Facebook has caused an almighty uproar. Between the nude guys wanting to sue and destroy the young girl who was silly enough to do this and the bulk of the public who feel it is just making a lot of noise about nothing there is a lot of heat and certainly a lot of copy for the press.

What Is The Real Truth

We have all grown up knowing the difference between a boy and a girl. We have seen pictures even if we haven’t seen the real thing. If we back away and look at this whole issue without passion and prejudice, what are the facts?

We were all born naked. We all know the difference between male and female. We all worship, in one way or another, our bodies. We spend an incredible amount of time, money and effort grooming them in order to make them as attractive as possible from every point of view.

Are We Hypocrites?

It seems to me that we really get lost in the forest of modesty, sex, good taste and publicity.

Have you ever stopped to wonder how long it would take for the world to adjust if everyone went naked? I think we would be astounded to discover that it wouldn’t take long at all and that so much of the silly things that happen would all of a sudden disappear.

The human body is a wonderful thing. It is necessary to protect it from the elements. It is great fun to try to enhance it with taste and proper adornment. But is it really necessary to think of it as something to be hidden from view, something that is often referred to as dirty and any and all of those things we have heard and grown up thinking about?


So, in order to bring this particular bit to a kind of a close, I would like to suggest that we can enjoy our bodies without shame or embarrassment if we truly approach the whole thing sensibly.

In Japan, for instance, the Japanese Bath House is an institution that has been around for centuries. It is segregated (in my experience at least) but is relaxed and beautiful. To relax and cleanse the body is a routine and a tradition that is great to observe. The fact that it is done naked never seems to have anything to do with the ritual. The bathhouse is for bathing and getting clean and staying healthy. The fact that we all have a body is just accepted.

The whole argument about how to treat and react to the human body is a major undertaking.

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