The internet is full of juicy offers to make money fast. Hundreds and thousands of people lose money fast daily because they get trapped by scam offers. These 토토사이트 look very attractive. They lure the people with the hope for solving their financial problems. They display pictures of smiling people who tell you that they have made their way. They provide you with testimonials. Be careful about what you see: Webmasters buy pictures of smiling, attractive people at internet photo agencies. Testimonials can be false.

You need to do some research before you spend money for any of these internet businesses. The following checklist might be helpful for you:

Are There Any Exaggerations?

Does the website promise profits that sound too good to be true? Do you believe, if a profit of 5, 10 or even more percent a day is realistic and does sustain? Some websites offer a profit of 30% a day. Others promise you to convert $30 or so into $100,000 within an unbelievable short time. An ad even claims: Be a millionaire in weeks! No wonder that these websites disappear within a short time along with the people’s money – or they just leave a lot of frustrated people behind.

Are the Contacts Reliable?

Is there at least a reliable contact at the website? Do they answer to your requests? It is even better if there is a working live support, a working telephone number (not just a recorded voice, answering the phones).

Check at Alexa

You can check at the Alexa website. There you can type in the URL of the website. Alexa shows you if there is a name, a company, an address or a telephone number behind the website. If it is a well known scam website, you already can see some bad comments about the website at Alexa.

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