There are some rules that, while some disagree, most professionals adhere to when they are setting up a tool belt to wear and it is not difficult to follow these best practices in order to start wearing your tool belt like a pro.

Buy a tool belt with all the features you need

The first step is to try and purchase a tool belt that already has all of the features you will need. As well as coming with ample capacity for storing tools. And comfortable back support it should be lightweight and very durable. There are a number of belts that will provide the maximum possible comfort.

There needs to be a lot of tool holders and pockets on the tool belt for the purpose of storing as many tools as possible. Tools often required to complete jobs include the likes of fasteners, hand tools, power tools etc. These tools need to be well positioned in the tool belt, particularly if the belt is to be used for a specific task.

One of the best available options is leather tool belts due to the fact that they are very durable. Though it is also important to consider other important factors such as adjustability, the fastening style, the suspender rings and the handles.

Always check the tool belt prior to use

It is important to properly inspect the tool belt each time prior to placing it on clothes. Tool belts can become quite dirty after being use for several days in a row. And since a dirty belt will not a comfortable belt it is a good idea to have them clean before they are worn. Sometimes they may even damaged and will thus require repairing before the next use.

It is vital to check the buckles to ensure they are still working for the sake of safety. The pouches should also carefully examine as they should not used if there are any holes in them.


Primary pouches are of paramount importance though there are instances where secondary pouches can be even more essential as they contain all necessary small items such as fasteners. It is usual for secondary pouches to come with more pockets, some of which can actually closed.

People who are right-hand usually want the buckle to be on their left side. With the primary pouch being on the right. If this applies to you then have your tool pouches repositioned as needed. With tool belts that have three pouches, the centre pouch should well positioned so as not to cause distractions.

There are some tool belts with moveable pouches to allow them to easily repositioned as required.

Putting tools in the right places

The most important tools should place in easy reach of your leading hand so they can easily picked up. This should include hammers, pliers, utility knives carpenter’s pencils and chalk liner. In the pouch near your other hand, you should keep tools. That are use more irregularly such as cold chisels and nail sets.

Before you choose a tool belt the first thing to keep in mind is how many pockets you will require.

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