Summary: Are you wondering whether you can find the perfect bridesmaid dress under $200? Is it even possible? To know the truth, give this a read.

As the world struggles against the pandemic, money is tight for everyone. Even when the bride is ready to splurge $1,000 on a wedding dress, bridesmaids might not agree to shell out half of the amount.

Moreover, spending $500 looks ridiculous when you can order a gorgeous dress under $200. Believe it or not – beautiful bridesmaid dresses are available at such cheap price ranges.

But you still need to pick a dress! The new collection of cheap bridesmaid dresses offers a wide variety, from mermaid to A-line dresses. As you feel confused more than ever, you need a few tips to make the dress look more expensive-looking. It does not mean that the collection is less than gorgeous, but the tips can ease the process. So, here a few essential tips to remember before buying any cheap bridesmaid dress.

Something Elegant and Savvy

When you are looking for a dress at a low price, do not give in to the cheap design. A bridesmaid also plays a pivotal role at the wedding. So, your outfit must exude the right amount of elegance while you walk down the aisle.

Voluminous skirts or extra layers add the much-needed elegance in the whole outfit. But you can also think differently and choose something sleek. Even if your budget is around $150, you can find something perfect.

An elegant dress to grace the wedding is what you need. A chiffon red dress featuring a V-neck or strapless design is available at $109. Or, the range of A-line chiffon short dresses in blush pink starts from $89.

Less is More, Loose the Beading

When you find a dress (under $500) full of embellishments and beadings, you might end up buying it. You can blame the purchase on your impulses, but does it actually look good? Isn’t it too much under the sun?

Nowadays, brides are in love with minimalistic approaches – from wedding themes to bridal gowns. And the bridesmaid dress covered in beading might not be something your best friend is expecting.

Lose the beadings and embellishments, but go for subtle glam. A gold sequined dress is alluring and tones down the sparkling factor.

Or, you can get rid of sequins altogether, and embrace the idea of putting on a one-colored floor-length gown. From black to emerald, the choice is yours.

Pick a Sexy Number

When you can look just like a celeb, would you pass the chance? You must have seen celebrities wearing mermaid gowns at the red carpet events. Now, the mermaid dresses for bridesmaids are trending, and you won’t be able to take your eyes off.

Royal blue, gold, and burgundy – the list of colors goes on for sexy mermaid dresses. You can find any of these dresses under $200. If you are not up for a mermaid bridesmaid dress, you can find a range of designs, including backless, strapless, and high-slit styles.

Backless Designs are Back

Only a few seasons back, exposing the décolleté was the new “it”. But now it’s about baring your back or creating the illusion.

Open back is now a popular fashion statement that bridesmaids love. You can choose not to bare it all, but a lacy dress can do it. The intricate designs create such an illusion, and it looks nothing but gorgeous. Of course, the bridal squad is going gaga for the open to the mid-back, too.

Now, you can understand why it is easy to grab a dress under $200. Among so many varieties and ranges, you are surely going to find the one. Till then, keep browsing through the collection of mermaid bridesmaid dresses!

Author bio: Deborah Andrews is a fashion blogger, and she has published multiple articles on how to wear mermaid bridesmaid dresses in the right way. Here, she talks about what kind of style you can and should find for cheap bridesmaid dresses

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