Creator sent Jesus to us as an avatar to teach us Jesus Gospel Of Love. Our heavenly Father wanted man to understand love as a manifestation of Himself, so He instilled Christ in the heart of Jesus.

As we move into the Age of Aquarius, we will establish a universal church which has as its foundation, unconditional love. All erroneous doctrine will be obliterated from the world scene. This is because erroneous doctrine teaches mankind to be separate from God, and to walk in disharmony with Him. Since all the wicked will be burned as stubble, their doctrines will be burned with them. In Malachi we read that the righteous will walk on the ashes of the wicked.

But we each get to choose. We can choose to walk in darkness or in the light. This is the very reason the two witnesses Creator sent to us will be hated so much. They will witness Creator Himself. and it is because they carry revealing light that the world will want to destroy them.

Those who choose to live in the dark will become very angry because the witnesses’ light will reveal their darkness, and they don’t want to see it within themselves. Apparently, they think that as long as they don’t acknowledge their evil ways, they are okay, and therefore they deceive themselves into a state of blindness. Maybe they think God doesn’t see them, or maybe that He is too busy to have any idea what they are doing or thinking. Too late they will find out that they only deceived themselves, and the fires may get pretty hot.

Jesus manifested love, but many are too blind to see. Some will choose light and for those we are thankful. Some will choose darkness, and we can only hope they will get another chance in another time.

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