When selling homes in Personals Fresno, (which is home to the Fresno State Bulldogs). Getting as many buyers in the door as possible to see your home is critical to you selling for top dollar. The more buyers who show up to view your home, the more offers you will receive and the greater the potential to receive above asking price.

Your Fresno Realtor should understand the market well and have a solid marketing plan to implement for you. Below are tips to get buyers buzzing around your Fresno home. And some things to consider for you to get the most buyer foot traffic possible.

Get Maximum Exposure

When you’re ready to sell your home amongst other homes in Fresno. Your Fresno Realtor, at a minimum should be doing the following to create maximum exposure for your home.

Location: Buyers may want to live near River Park to access the great shopping, dining and entertainment venues it offers. Or they may want easy access to one of Fresno’s freeways (41, 99, 168 or 180) for easy travel around the town. The location of your home can help with generating more exposure. Your Realtor should be highlighting the location of your home to attract buyers!

Listed in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS): this gives your home exposure to all the agents in the area looking for your type (size, location, etc) of home for their buyers.

National Websites: will your home be featured on national websites to be found by home buyers? Buyers search on the internet for homes for sale in Fresno, you want yours to be found.

Individual Property Websites: will your Realtor create an individual property website that markets only your home. Does it have an easy to remember and unique website address. You can give to friends and family to then share with people they know?

Newspapers: will your home be featured in the local newspapers to capture potential buyers who search for homes in Fresno via this medium?

Magazines: will your home for sale in Fresno be featured in local real estate magazines? For instance, in Fresno there is a magazine called Real Estate Showcase which can help to generate buyer traffic for your home.

For Sale Sign and/or Direct Mail: will there be a for sale sign or any direct mail campaigns such as postcards to the local neighborhood letting your neighbors know your home is for sale and if they know of any friends & family who want to move in the neighborhood to go see your house?

If the Realtor you select is also savvy at internet marketing. You’ll get additional exposure opportunities via internet traffic to their personal websites (like a blog). Do they have a lot of contacts on Facebook and other social networking sites? Also keep in mind that there are other internet marketing techniques that will position your home better than any other Realtor because they are using the internet to its fullest potential.

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