Over the years, magnetic clasp have become really popular in jewelry making. There are some jewelry designers who love to include them in their creations and some who do not. Some designers simply like to stay away from these kinds of clasps. Because they believe that these clasps are only suitable for men’s jewelry. But, these days magnetic clasps are being widely used in women’s and kid’s jewelry as well. There are many reasons for this.

Magnetic clasp and types:

Magnetic clasps are available in many different types. But most of them look like a button and has a loop at the back. The loop can then be secured to another finding which can then be secured to a threading material. Magnetic clasps may have attracted negative comments because magnets tend to be strong. Fastening jewelry is not a problem but when it comes to unfastening them. They can easily pull away the beads with their strength. Some people find it really difficult to take their jewelry off once they have worn it.

How to use magnetic clasp?

But, they don’t realize that there is a trick to using these clasps. As long as the buttons of the claps are pulled away in two different directions it is extremely easy to unfasten the jewelry. If the two ends are pulled in the same direction, then you are risking breaking your jewelry. Another issue that most people find with these magnetic clasps is that the magnets attract other metals. When attaching them to a jewelry piece such as a bracelet or necklace. You will need a metal tool such as pliers and as you get the pliers closer to the clasp. They tend to stick to it. It can be difficult to separate the metal part of the pliers and the magnet. This means attaching magnetic clasps to jewelry can be a rather frustrating task.

Suitable for all types of jewelry:

Magnetic clasps tend to be more suitable for bracelets than necklaces. This is because when we try to fasten our bracelets with one hand, it can get quite difficult. It is not always possible to open the clasp with one hand. And hold the loop of the other end of the jewelry with the same hand and put the clasp through the loop. For necklaces it is easy because you get to use both your hands. When you make use of magnetic clasps, this problem doesn’t arise. Because you just have to get the two ends to meet. It is as simple as that.

Various styles and designs available:

Magnetic clasps are available in a variety of styles, designs and sizes these days to fit into any jewelry making project. They are widely available and are relatively cheap as well. Although they offer numerous benefits, they are not more expensive than other types of clasps. These are available such as lobster clasps, toggle clasps and so on. Some are available in extremely elegant designs as well to give your jewelry piece a refreshing new look. Rather than just act as a functional piece.

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