Wicker furniture combines centuries old craftsmanship and artistry that results in a product that is unmatched for practicality and design toggle button. If you look at the history of wicker furniture you will find that, although it is well know for elegance and comfort, it is also responsible for an explosion of contemporary and avant garde styles. It is also, almost indistinguishable from natural wicker.

What ever the expectations of wicker furniture design, today’s technology has allowed creations that, until now, were not doable. Although resin wicker is, in reality, a relatively recent invention, even traditionalists can be comfortable embracing it. This version of wicker offers many undeniable advantages.

Resin wicker will last almost forever, requiring minimum cleaning with a cloth or an occasional dousing with a water hose. It is naturally resistant to fading, UV rays, heat and salt. Another reason Resin Wicker is often built on specially coated aluminum frames for use on the ocean beach-front. Natural wicker is vulnerable to the extremes of weather. It will eventually crack, grow mold, or rot. Resin’s low level maintenance is today’s hot button for people who look for other things to do than repair and maintain their patio furniture.

The ability of resin wicker to effectively duplicate or pose as natural wicker is what makes it so desirable. Synthetic wicker does have a little more heft to it. You’ll find it a little more stable when the wind kicks up but, if it does get blow around, you will find it able to weather the tumble better than natural wicker. It is available in all the natural hues and the traditional favorite white in a vast selection of all-weather wicker products – every style, every pattern, every decor.

Is synthetic Resin Wicker the right choice? Let’s do a short re-cap. Does it look as good as natural wicker? Yes. Does it require the same amount of toggle button? No, considerably less. Practically none. Will it last as long as wicker? Yes, much longer. I think I’ll go with the Resin Wicker.

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