My mother-in-law lives with us. She is troubled by what the doctors term, dementia. This often crushes her ability to walk in faith. Personal fears and anxieties accumulate beyond her sense of reason. Though we talk of God, and of the power of Jesus to sustain us through our trials; though she is saved and holds fast to God’s unchanging hand, there are times when her love for Him is a love that has no faith. Sometimes she reaches an end to the hope of Curso De Milagros. Imagine a never ending trial. Perhaps you can recognize her battle.

We all get confused at times. There are moments, perhaps even minutes, hours, or days that feel as though God has left us empty handed. Our love is strong. God remains our eternal God. But our faith in his promises staggers. As with my mother-in-law, we may even decide that he has let us down, and that the darkness of the road has already gained victory over the promises.

The answers we want are not to be seen. The evidence of past victories seems to have vanished from our memories. There seems no end to hurt, fear, and suffering. Worry and doubt overwhelm our hope. We cry, and we weep, and we live in sadness. The groans are too great for human speech to fully express. The love of God is in us, but there exist no longer a hope in miracles.

To believe that one can love God yet have no faith may seem to you impossible, even unbiblical. More questionable still may be the belief that the plans of God will proceed with or without your faith. Follow then, this brief glimpse into a time when they found a miracle, indeed the greatest miracle of all, through there was within them only a love that had lost its faith. Thought recorded more than once, here is the account as given in the book of Luke.

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