Wet wipes are an ideal choice if you are looking for baby wipes that are both soft and safe. The beauty of flushable wet wipes is that these wipes leave you with a clean, fresh feel, which is not possible in case of regular toilet paper.

However, the problem is that they may be a bit expensive. Also, some wet wipes contain harmful ingredients like chemical that may cause skin irritation. If you want to try out these wipes, you can make them at home by following DIY methods.

Advantages of a DIY Product

Given below are some advantages that you can enjoy if you make your own flushable wet wipes.

• You can opt for the ingredients you need. Since no plastics are involved in the process, your sewer system won’t get clogged.

• Plus, DIY products can save you a lot of money as you can use cheap ingredients.

• This will help you get better at DIY methods


• You may have to spend your precious time to make the wipes

• You may have to solve problems during the process

• DIY wet wipes may not complete with commercial wipes as far as efficacy is concerned

So, let’s follow the steps given below to make your own wet wipes.

List of Ingredients you need:

1. Toilet paper: make sure the toilet paper is made of strong material. If you can’t afford a high-quality toilet paper, you shouldn’t try this approach. Opt for something that can stand the test of time. It shouldn’t get damaged if soaked in water.

2. Boiled/distilled water: you need 300ml of boiled or distilled water in a can. Although tap water is also fine, it’s better that you opt for distilled or at least boiled water. After all, the water should be free of germs and bacteria.

3. Aloe Vera solution

4. Perfume or soap to make the wipes smell great

5. One spoon of vinegar solution for protection against fungal infection

6. Coconut oil for an antibacterial effect

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