Do you believe in A Course In Miracles? Most people believe they happen but are reserved for a select few. Perhaps someone is rescued in a miraculous way or mysteriously heals from a health issue in which they were given a less than favorable prognosis. Actually, everyone can receive miracles daily in their ordinary, everyday lives.

Perhaps you’re wondering what a miracle is exactly. A miracle is simply a supernatural phenomenon, or you could think of it as a magical coincidence. It is something that has no logical explanation and amazes the receiver in how the solution or answer appeared. It may be something as mundane as receiving direction to a particular store that has what you need when you’re in a hurry, to locating your keys when you’ve misplaced them. Nothing is too big or too small for the angels. They delight in helping you so eagerly await your request so they can bring you a miracle.

The biggest reason someone does not experience a miracle is fear. Fear is a major blocker that keeps a person from believing, and in order to experience a miracle you must believe. Remember that old cliché “seeing is believing?” That’s the problem. Most people cannot explain a miracle or even see one, so doubt it can happen.

The mystery of miracles is that they cannot be explained in a logical manner so can only be experienced by opening to them. You open the door for miracles when you surrender your fears to God.

What do I mean ‘opening to them’? You have to ask for a miracle and then allow it into your life. Some people refer to this as prayer, while others may use the word intention. Whatever way you describe a request to God, it is simply asking for a solution or assistance when you cannot figure it out and you know you need a Higher Power to resolve it. Most of these requests come out of desperation and fear. Once you’ve asked, you simply get out of the way and allow it to come to you.

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