Modafinilitalia24: Although non-judgement seems to be a very spiritual concept, really in my humble opinion it is a very practical thing as the less you judge the more peace of mind you will experience and the more power and energy you will have for your own aspirations and accomplishments in living a purposeful life.

In my experience when you have a life that you value so highly because you are investing your time and energy into it’s creative process you will not have the time, energy or inclination to judge others because you are just to busy concentrating on the sacredness of your own path and loving your life. So if you find yourself judging others think of the Confucius saying “Don’t complain about the snow on your neighbor’s roof when your own doorstep is unclean.” but put even more simply just focus your attention on creating your own beautiful life. This is the best thing you can do for yourself and the world for that matter.

I find people who are the most judgmental are typically the least accomplished at anything and thirsting for some form of power and importance to make themselves feel special in the eyes of others. It is all one big grandiose ego trip. Judgment comes from the egos own insecurity and a need to feel important and special in the wrath of it’s self -righteousness. Self-righteous and pompous people have to be the most grim because of their incessant need to want to save and fix you and show you how they know better when you were not asking in the first place. Really grim.

One of the side effects of taking nootropics like Modafinil is your awareness goes up which not only makes you more conscious of your own thoughts and BS but acutely more aware of the manipulations and judgments others try to impose on you for their own ego trips and you may find yourself far less willing to tolerate it with this increased perception. The more awareness you have the more you value yourself and your life.

You begin to actually feel the reverence of being alive not just have it loom as some intellectual concept. Part of the cleaning up process of your soul is not to degrade yourself by accepting or allowing degrading behavior from others. And with a higher level of awareness you won’t allow it you will just tell them to go jump off a cliff.

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