Esther Hicks, in her book ‘The Law of Attraction,’ the movie ‘The Secret,’ and the Curso De Milagros book ‘Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting,’ all prescribe a method for attracting goodness and prosperity into our lives – that of positive expectation.

Sue Dyer, a nationally known mediator in the U.S. , shows us how to do it. She says, “I have never failed to receive a miracle when I put out the intention. And I do it every day.” According to Sue, she puts out the intention for miracles every morning as she drives to her office. She intends that every person she meets, every event that happens – will lead her on the path that is intended for her in the universe. “I say, ‘Today I expect a miracle.’ Then I get excited! And I wait in positive expectation! When the phone rings, I say, ‘That’s it. I wonder who that will be!”

It all comes back to having underlying faith, says Sue. “I think to myself, ‘Let your will be done, not mine.’ That way we can let go and let God and the universe take us on a trip,” she says. In the back of her mind all day, she’s thinking that she must be meeting this new person for a reason and asks herself, “What is the message I’m suppose to receive or give?”

Despite being a hard core businesswoman, all of her work is aimed at creating more love. These are not things she shares with her client base, rather it’s the premise on which she works AND on which she let’s all her actions be guided. People often remark about something they see in Sue, and that’s the high degree of serenity and calm in which she works, despite the fact that her daily life consists of confrontation all around her. When Sue started, most of her clients were hard-hat construction supervisors who entered negotiation deadlocked, acting as if they wanted to kill each other, then came out two days later after working with Sue, patting each other on the back as best friends! Today she leads million dollar mediations between government and industry. In one incident they were arguing for four years, and with only a few days left with $700 Million at stake, they called Sue. She brought them to agreement as the clock ticked away, and the day was saved, plus the $700 Million.

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