Custom Stuff From Factorywholesale: When you are deciding on which ways you want to drive customers to your door. And help them make the decision to purchase what you are selling it not always about the price. This is shown by the different pricing structures on products are the same! So why is it that the same products can sold at a higher price by one business and the other can’t give it away for less.

It all in the way that you deliver the value to the customer and how you make them feel that you value them. When they come to you for that purchase and how you deliver that value they are looking to receive. Today we live in a quick want it now society instant gratification so as a business owner you have to know. How to provide this to your customers and at the same time bring that back over and over again.

So how can business owners figure out what is important to your specific customer. And this is done by asking them directly but in a way that makes them feel. You care about them more than just money or selling them something. Company’s spend billions on marketing but forget about what comes after they come to your business. And what will keep them as your customer for years to come.

Humans are funny and business owners are not just a name on a sign or a product or service in an email. Ad or letter, they are people they are customers themselves. As business owners we sometimes get caught up in all the day to day business stuff. And fail to place ourselves in our customer’s shoes and ask us the question. Why would I want to do business with this company in the future? Once we stop and really ask this question of ourselves we can then deliver. What we as customers want which all comes back to “Value me as a customer” and “Give me good Value for my loyalty”

So how do we do this today and do the way our customers have spent billions of dollars to communicate with their friends. Families and businesses in the most direct fashion, which is not just thumbing through newspapers, magazines or even a webpage. The world of these types of marketing have in many cases crumbled. Or at least made you spend without return on investment. We as business owners need to understand that the world is not sitting by. And waiting for the new issue or the new paper they are getting. What they need and want delivered directly to their devices. Or through their social media systems even like the platform for articles.

As a business owner you need to grasp the new world of marketing that at this current time is about 97% untap. And if you want to be able to capture and build valuable customers both existing. And new ones than this new technology for business is a must.

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