To begin with, there are 2 foremost problems to treated when building a 안전놀이터: getting ready a safe playground floors and amassing essential device. The first difficulty is a great deal too often omit, notwithstanding the fact that it’s far the floors which plays a identifying role when a child is falling down. Falls are the main motive of accidents on a playground! Grass or herbal soil are usually not sufficient to cushion the effect of a baby’s fall.

The gadget is any other issue and right here the money have to not spared. Manifestly, the existing 안전놀이터 gadget can use if it’s miles in an excellent circumstance and regularly maintained. Whilst shopping for new equipment, one should pick out a dependable producer whose system complies with international safety requirements. The manufacturer ought to inform you which equipment can hooked up in a diy way, and what desires to executed through a professional organization.

Calculating playground location

Permit’s begin with designating a safe playground location. Which ought to be huge enough no longer most effective to fit all of the system, but also to comprise the effect area, which is in which a infant can fall. Remember the fact that the impact area is to be freed from limitations. So that you can be able to calculate this location. We want to understand the critical fall top of the equipment. For example, if the maximum top from which a infant can fall is two m. The ground has to be blanketed with shielding playground floors certified to minimize the effect from 2 metres. Furthermore, the flooring need to attain 1.8 m at the back of the brink of the gadget in query. The system to calculate the impact location is: 2/three*essential fall peak + 50cm.

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