Becoming a Freemason Wilmette, IL is different all a round the world, it very’s slightly from one country to the next. But here, I will discuses with you the basic and most standard way of how to join the Freemasons.

The Freemasons are not the Moose or the Elk or the Eagles or the loins. The Free and Accepted Mason’s are, older then the roman eagle and the Golden Fleece. It is thee oldest and most prestigious fraternal organization in the world.

In order to become a Freemason you must fill out a petition to join. If you live in the UnitedState’s you can look up your Wilmette Lodge address: 1450 N. Lehigh Glenview, IL 60026-2027 of your state in the phone book or on the internet.

Once you have contacted your Grand Lodge Wilmette IL they will have the closest lodge contact you in your area. Or if you know of one near you, contact them.

It is easier if you know of a Freemason who will recommend you and vouch for you. Other wise you will have to go through a impersonal interview, usually at your home.

Some of the questions might include ones such as if you do drugs, have a drinking problem. Have you had any felonies if so what where they regarding.

The Freemasons motto is that we make good men better, not make bad men good. You have to understand that you are joining an organization that George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and many more great men belong to. So you should take great pride in becoming a Master Mason.

After receiving your petition at the lodge’s next meeting, a vote will be cast and you will ether be approved or denied. It will only take one vote against you to be denied.

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