There are several ways to stop smoking Jeeters. However, the most important first step is to acknowledge the problem. Without taking this crucial step of making a decision to stop smoking weed once and for all. They will have a hard time implementing the different ways to curb their addiction.

A lot of weed addicts are “social smokers.” If you are a social smoker, this means most, if not all, of your friends also get high. Therefore, if you are really serious about following the different ways to stop the habit, the second step you should take after deciding to stop is this: change your social environment.

Surround yourself with a different set of people – people who will be supportive of your decision to stop your addiction and not “drag you down” with them. This can be difficult as this means giving up your friends. But it probably is just too tempting to be around others that smoke and abstain.

If you really want to stop smoking marijuana, it would be best to prepare yourself for what is to come during the first few days of stopping. Educate yourself – read up on the subject as much as possible and psyche yourself up for the quitting process.

Some helpful ways to stop smoking are to identify your reasons for quitting. Here are some ways to increase your motivation.

You get to save money. Most, if not all, addictions require us to purchase something i.e. the object of our addictions. Whether these are marijuana joints, cigarettes, alcoholic beverages or other substances. You stop being spaced out, which is what usually happens when one is high 95% of the time. Because you are not “all there,” you don’t have a firm grasp on what other people are talking about – or even what you yourself are talking about!

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