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Babies are nature’s most precious gift to a family. Babies are nature’s miracles. They infuse joy wherever they go. Right from the day that the mother realizes she has conceived, preparations are made for the arrival of her baby. The room meant for the baby is clean, painted, including soft toys and bright hangings as well as wind chimes. Babies, be they our own or be they a strangers, always seem to have the ability to make one smile. Even when it is giving you the hardest of times, a sudden giggle ensuing will have you smiling. Every twitch of the hand, every nod of the head, every crinkly smile is note with awe and wonder. How could such a beautiful creature suddenly arrive? Well, not exactly suddenly, seeing as the preparations were on for nine months, but the miracle of new life never fades.

It is strange how this new life forms and develops within the mother’s body and through nine months, becomes a part of her. Even when the baby is out of the womb, somehow, it never stops being part of its mother. There is always this strange connection between them, something no one, not even the father, can break into. There do rise occasions of jealousy on the father’s part because of this!

Now this apple of your eye needs to be fed right. Every time someone asks me when to introduce my baby to baby food, I repeat the same thing – every baby varies. A baby may prepared for baby food at four months or six months or maybe even later. It depends on the parents to watch and observe the baby for the tell-tale signs which state that the infant is ready for baby food.

This maybe anything from a paste of a grain and a liquid, which is traditional, to mashed family food. All that has to noted is that the food cannot undercooked and that it should not have any stray bones in it. Bones will choke your child, so be careful.

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