Moroccan Leather Pouf Square: The corset has been around for years. When most people think of corsets they think of the 1800’s. A corset is an item of clothing that wraps around the torso and shapes the area to give the beautiful silhouette shape. In earlier days, it was used as a way to give the appearance of a smaller waste while accentuating the female bust line. Some of the earliest corsets appeared during the 1600’s. Back then they were called “payre of bodies” and were paired with a farthingale which allowed the bottoms of a dress to pouf and flow. The corset was used to give a cylindrical appearance when paired with the farthingale. During this period the corset was made by combining layer of cloth with wooden rods to hold the frame in perfect position.

If you looked at a corset it would appear to have an upside down cone shape; larger up top and smaller at the bottom. During the 1800’s the corset became a very popular item. While still used to give the appearance of a smaller waist it was mainly used to elevate the bust line. This provided great support for the back and held in the stomach area. Contrary to popular belief, the corset was and still is quite comfortable. Many women performed work related duties while wearing corsets during the 1800’s. They were not restricted in breathing at all and were able to move freely. The corset’s look changed during the Victorian era. Instead of a cylindrical shape it actually was more of a silhouette appearance and went below the waist to give the illusion of curves.

Today’s corsets feature the traditional cloth versions as well as some made form leather and lace. The corset is not traditionally worn all day anymore but is instead seen as a piece of lingerie; an undergarment Moroccan Poufs. However, the corset today is seen as a seductive piece of lingerie. Paired with a pair of stockings, the corset has been transformed from hardly ever being seen to key to turning your most intimate moments into an exciting show of sexual seduction. You can find them in just about every color and style in most lingerie departments and specialty stores. It can easily turn a night of romance into a raging inferno behind closed doors. So if you’re looking for something to add that sizzle and spark to you love life then you may want to consider a corset. Kick your love life up a knotch with a corset.

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